Freedom Programme Home Study Course

Freedom Programme Home Study Course

by Pat Craven

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This course workbook is a supplement for the book 'Living with the Dominator'. You will need a copy of 'Living with the Dominator' in order to use this book.

My book 'Living with the Dominator' has reached thousands of readers who were either attending a Freedom Programme or were unable to do so. I have had feedback from women, men, boys and girls who are gay and straight. They told me that the act of reading the book changed their lives. It became apparent to me that the next step is to bring the actual programme directly to the public and make it accessible to everyone. So I have now created the carefully structured step by step 'Freedom Programme Home Study Course'.

Key workers in a variety of fields have told me that they are desperate for a simple tool to use one to one with their service users. I envisage that a worker and 'client' who work through the course together will both become simultaneously enlightened! The course can be used by workers who are dealing with 'perpetrators' and to those who deal with 'victims'.

Many women and girls have contacted me to say that there is no Freedom Programme in their district. This is a particular problem in the London area. Now I am delighted to be able to offer them the opportunity to purchase the Home Study Course. Women and girls who are currently attending a Freedom Programme can also use the Home Study Course to reinforce their learning and newly found feeling of empowerment. Families now have the opportunity to work through the course together.

The Freedom Programme is being run in several schools for both boys and girls. The Home Study Course is an ideal text book for schools and colleges.

Sometimes women and girls contact me to say that they would like to repeat the Freedom Programme as a refresher. Many courses have huge waiting lists and are unable to accommodate them. The Home Study Course is an ideal resource for them.

I provide three day Freedom Programme Facilitator Training. However, I will not accept any trainee who has no prior experience or understanding of the programme. Trainees who have completed the Home Study Course will become eligible to attend the training. The potential is limitless!

The Home Study Course is available from Amazon as Paperback or a Kindle version